The stony lek lai  meteorites. Stony lek lai  meteorites are by far the most common. More than 95% of the lek lai meteorites  meteorites observed to fall to Earth are stony.
stony lek lai

The Rainbow Lek Lai meteorite is a very beautiful lek lai.  You can see  beautiful colours being displayed all over the lek lai. The  rainbow lek lai is not so easy to find.

Rainbow lek lai

The more you look at this lak lai meteorite pictures, the more you will fall in love with the beauty of the lak lai meteorite. Sometimes you may wonder how nature can create such a beautiful substance.
Beautiful lak lai

Feeling the texture of the lak lai meteorites feel so good in the hand. Do you know what it means to feel a substance that have existed for so many years.
Feeling the Lek Lai

Have you been wondering  how big lek lai can be? don’t worry just take a look at our picture below. Lek lai meteorite comes in different sizes. They can be small in size or large in size. Do you know that the  largest known meteorite mass is estimated at over 60 tons, that is just to tell you how big the lek lai meteorites can be.

Big lek lai